Lunt LS 80 THa / B 1800

Lunt LS 80 THa / B 1800

LS80T/PT Specifications:
• Optical Aperture: 80mm (Unobstructed)
• Tuning: Internal Pressure Tune (Doppler True Tuning)
• Image Scale: 408
• Focal Length: 560mm
• F-Ratio: 7
• Focuser: Starlight Instruments 2" Feather Touch Focuser
• Mounting: Integrated clamshell style with 1/4-20 tapped base
• Storage: Aluminum finished hard case with fitted foam
• Weight: 6,36 kg

Valor: $ 4.680.000 IVA includio

Lunt LS 100 THa / B 1800

100mm H-alpha Solar-Telescope with B1800 blocking filter

The LS100T/Ha is a complete Solar Telescope. The refractor based system has a precision aligned singlet chromatic lens with a 100 mm aperture. The front singlet lens reduces the stray-light over an achromat by half. With the matched collimation lens set, it also fully corrects on axis coma, astigmatism and de-centering aberrations and provides a full spherically corrected flat-field Solar-Telescope. The focal length is 800 mm providing a ~7.3 mm image thru an 18 mm blocking filter. Course focus adjustment is via a slide tube. Focusing is achieved with a High Precision 2" Starlight Feather Touch Friction focuser with the 10:1 reduction as standard equipment.

• Aperture: 100mm
• Focal length: 800mm
• Blocking filter diameter: 18mm
• 2" Feather-Touch focuser with 10:1 reduction
• Tube diameter: 121mm
• Tube length with blocking filter: 634mm
• Weight: 5 kg

Delivered with order:
• optical tube with 2" feather touch focuser with 2.5" travel, includes adapter
• tube ring
• B1800 blocking filter
• dovetail
• sol-searcher
• transport case

Pre-orders will be shipped in the order they are received. (7-9 weeks)

Prices: 5.780.000 CLP

included Zoom eyepiece 7,2 - 21,5mm

Prices: 6.570.000 CLP

included Tripod LXD 75 goto and Zoom eyepiece 7,2 - 21,5mm

(based on 495 CLP to 1 USD)
Prices are subject to change without notice.

Lunt LS 152 THa / B 1800

Lunt LS 152 THa / B 1800


• Type: Single Interference HD Etalon
• Tuning: Doppler True Pressure
• Aperture: 152mm
• Focal Length: 900mm
• Focal Ratio: F6
• Focuser: Starlight Instrument Feather Touch
• Color: Pearl White with Black and Red accents
• Diagonal: B1800 Blocking Filter (for photographie)
• Skill Level: Intermediary thru Advanced

Valor: $ 8.680.000 IVA includio

The LS230THa/PT (pressure tuned) is a complete and dedicated Hydrogen-alpha Solar Telescope with an Image Scale of 3,366

1 of the first 4 on the world!

Delivery: January - March 2011

LS230THa/PT Specifications:

Optical Aperture: 230mm (Unobstructed)

Tuning: Internal Pressure Tune (Doppler True Tuning)

Image Scale: 3,366

Focal Length: 1610mm

F Ratio: 7

Focuser: 2” Starlight Instruments Feather Touch

Mounting: Rings with 12” Losmandy style plate and carrying handle

Storage: Aluminum finished hard case with fitted foam

Weight: 70 lbs

Blocking Filter: B3400 straight thru installed in the focuser standard

Included Accessories:

Eyepiece: Lunt Zoom Eyepiece

Sun Finder: Televue Sol Searcher

Mounting: 12” Losmandy Style Dovetail Plate

Valor: $ 24.980.000 más IVA

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